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Frequently Asked Questions
E-commerce Fulfillment & Distribution Solutions

Good to know information

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a group of very detail-oriented, dependable, and humble group of operators with high sense of urgency while safety, quality, delivery, and cost is at top of mind. Below are some of the questions we get asked frequently. We are happy to talk to you in greater detail, but until then...
Good to know information - Frequently Asked Questions
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Do you outsource or operate your own warehouse?

We operate our own warehouse out of Valencia, California and looking to grow nationally very soon.

How do you communicate with brands?

We operate like your own operations department and will be sure to use the communication method necessary to support your needs. Currently, we have Slack, phone, email, and text as our communication methods.

What is the most important KPI for your business?

We measure our success a bit differently than others. To us, KPI stands for Keeping People Informed, Involved, Interested, and Inspired. We are an extremely brand-centric and employee-focused company heavily invested in fostering a culture of empathy and teamwork with a high sense of urgency. This will drive every other metric in the green, ensuring proper and positive communication internally to achieve brands’ expected results and, with brands, bridging the communication gap between strategy and implementation. These are not marketing words, but how we’ve always operated and been known.

Additionally, performance KPIs are all on the dashboard and customizable.

What does your tech stack look like?

Advanced! Our warehouse management system is an industry high-grade system with custom workflows, processes, reporting, inventory management, receiving, and outbound operational excellence. Our proprietary dashboard provides order, shipping, and 3PL performance insight. We hold ourselves accountable to standards the 3PL industry has not seen.

Do you offer insurance?

When you store your inventory with us, you can add our location to your existing insurance policy, or choose to waive inventory insurance. Each option comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the unique setup of your business and the value of your inventory, you can decide which option best fits your needs.

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Staffing & schedule

What is your recruiting strategy?

We spend more time at work than we do at home awake.  Therefore, we focus on maintaining a family-oriented, collaborative, fun, productive, and safe culture. We work on three different strategies always to keep our recruiting pipeline full:

  • Recruiting firm that’s done a great job understanding our culture and recruits according to those standards.
  • Employee referral program where great people are incentivized to refer other great people like them.
  • Community events, festivals, and college recruiting where we participate by having a booth to present our services and employment opportunities.
Do you close any part of the year?

Only a few days in the year to give the staff a break and return to work rested to continue the operational excellence mission.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Independence Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
What are your operating hours?

We work Monday thru Friday, 7am to 4pm PST. We also staff on Saturdays as needed to support brands during holidays, sales, or any special events.

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Safety & security

What safety measures do you offer?

We have a warehouse opening and closing checklist, ensuring the safety of our people, products, and processes. All processes, workflows, and hardware are managed with OSHA and general safety principles in mind, including daily safety checks before use. Our preventative maintenance structure ensures we minimize, if not eliminate, any potential hazards or impacts to not experience safety issues or performance downtime. Feel free to join our stretching sessions every morning at 7am PST, remotely or on-site.

What security measures do you offer?

Our facility has industry-grade alarm monitoring and surveillance systems. For security purposes, we prefer not to mention the name publicly. Our surveillance cameras cover the building's front, inside, and back. Inside coverage includes entrance, warehouse general inventory areas, dock for monitoring the quality assurance of receiving, and shipping stations to monitor the outbound quality assurance.

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Do you offer omnichannel fulfillment?

Yes! We have experience in e-commerce fulfillment, wholesale distribution, and retail replenishment at scale. Our solutions can scale with your brand and adapt over time as needed.  We work with you to understand your current operating procedures and accommodate accordingly for a bespoke omnichannel fulfillment solution.

How long does it take to fulfill an order?

E-commerce orders are fulfilled the same day up to 12pm PST. Every wholesale customer differs, including the receiving party's requirements and routing guides. Nonetheless, we adhere to requirements as needed to ensure wholesale orders are picked, packed, and shipped in a timely manner. We understand the intricacies of ensuring GS1-128 and SSCC labels, ASNs, and delivery windows are important, tracked, and penalized if not done correctly.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we absolutely support international shipping from our 3PL in Los Angeles. With a little focus on international shipping, brands can quickly increase their revenue between 2-5% at a minimum. We are natively connected with Passport and Zonos, which we highly recommend for a full circle international shipping experience collecting taxes and duties during checkout (DDP), preventing refused deliveries, saving money and time for the brand and the customer.

How do I track my order?

Once orders are shipped, the tracking information is synced with the order management system, or e-commerce platform, connected to our warehouse management system. Additionally, you may find order details within our system by accessing the customer portal.

What carriers do you use for fulfillment?

We are natively connected with all national and regional carriers like UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, First Mile, Maergo, GLS/GSO, OnTrac, and more.

Can you price shop for the fastest and least expensive shipping option?

Absolutely! This depends on the brand’s requirements. Some brands do not require specific carriers and mainly focus on speed, while others emphasize the importance of certain carriers over others.

Can I provide my own custom packaging?

Certainly! We understand the importance of branding, aesthetics, and the unboxing experience. You can either provide the material, or we can procure it for you through our trusted partners or yours.

Can you insert gift messaging?

Yes, but your shopping cart needs to have the gift messaging feature to transfer that information to us. If you have special packaging needs for company gifts, influencers, or other similar situations, we can insert handwritten notes into packages based on your requirements; custom cards, generic cards, or printed notes.

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What is your address?

Our receiving address is 28305 Industry Drive, Valencia, California 91355

What are your receiving requirements?

For accurate inventory management, prompt receiving, and a fast dock-to-stock strategy, we request that all units arrive individually labeled and cartons labeled with specific information about their contents. Every brand is unique, so let’s discuss the details for your brand to ensure prompt and accurate receiving. Alternatively, we are happy to provide labeling services if your manufacturer cannot do so.

How long does it take from receiving POs to stocking and being available to ship?

Receiving generally takes 1-2 business days but under 6 hours in most cases. The brand is notified twice, once upon delivery and another email communication with receiving details. See below for “What is your receiving process?” Once receiving is complete and the brand receives a confirmation email of details, items are available for allocation and shipping.

What is your receiving process?

We intentionally have a robust receiving process to ensure the right product at the expected quantity and quality get received on behalf of our brands:

  • Unload truck, take photos, and unwrap pallets
  • Organizing by like items/SKUs
  • Confirm number of cartons and pallets against the packing slip
  • Audit sample size quantity inside cartons to confirm accuracy
  • Brand receives an email with expected PO and quantity vs. actual received PO and quantity information
  • Items are stowed and available for allocation unless a future date is requested
Do I need to provide ASN?

ASNs are preferred to minimize the time and cost of receiving. We intend to minimize the time in every process, including receiving, thereby keeping operational costs as low as possible for the brand.

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Can you process returns?

Yes, we offer 3PL reverse logistics services. We have a return portal agnostic solution, meaning whether you use Loop Returns, Narvar, Happy Returns, Returnly, AfterShip Returns, or others, we utilize your system to process the returns for immediate communication back to your customer and e-commerce platform. In the event of an exchange, a new order will be created automatically through your e-commerce platform into our order management system. During the return/exchange quality assurance process, we capture the SKU inventory into our proprietary returns workflow and place the items back into stock minutes after processing to be resold online—truly a bespoke approach and solution.

Can you inspect returns when they arrive at your facility?

Yes, we can! Our black glove service (seriously, we wear black gloves during inspection) will perform quality checks based on each brand’s standard operating procedure. Through this QA and QC process, we are also able to:

  • Reprint labels
  • Apply new hangtags
  • Fold, insert, poly bag, re-box

    … and other required value-added services.
Can you discard damaged inventory?

Yes, we can; however, we operate very eco-consciously. Let’s understand the parameters and regulations around your product so this process is done in an eco-friendly and scalable manner.

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Do you have minimum or maximum storage requirements?

Our minimum monthly spend is $500, including technology, shipments, storage, and receiving. This ensures we cover our basic cost in maintaining your account. Nonetheless, we want to work with you to ensure you grow and highly support new startups.

How do you charge for storage?

Very simple, by the cubic feet. That's all! Straightforward!

Do you have long-term storage fees?

After a certain period, unsold inventory is considered “inactive.” This is not good for the brand or us. We identify that period as four months, after which storage fees increase. We have an inventory liquidation partner who specializes in this category of work and can support liquidating inventory if needed.

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Additional Services

Can you support with relabling, repacking, and reboxing?

Yes! We are your operations department and will provide whatever operational services you need to scale your brand. We’ll handle the operations, logistics, and distribution while you focus on your product and marketing.

Can you provide kitting and bundling services?

Yes! We can do kitting on-demand as orders come in or proactively based on your business model and marketing plan driving the kitting need.

Can you support with annual inventory counts?

Of course! We’ve grown a brand to 9 digits that were audited by one of the big four accounting firms in the nation. We’ll be ready with our standard operating procedures, count instructions, people, and hardware. Typically, the auditor wants to visit the warehouse for an in-person floor-to-sheet and sheet-to-floor auditing after the count is completed. Not a problem! We’re happy to host them. And yes, we know not to answer questions that are not asked (basic auditor unwritten principle).

Can you tag our products with RFID tags?

Sure! And if you don’t have the right vendor for the material, we can introduce you to one, a tried and true vendor we’ve done with work several times in the past and are known for their quality and accuracy! We wouldn’t refer otherwise.

Can you do specific quality assurance upon receiving?

Yes! We can work together to create Standard Operating Procedures to ensure we meet the quality standards and expectations. An acceptance, rejection, return-to-vendor, documentation, and communication guide will support a successful quality assurance mission.

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