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Apparel Brand's Former VP of Operations Launches 3PL Fulfillment Center

Apparel Brand's Former VP of Operations Launches 3PL Fulfillment Center

Former VP of Operations at Buck Mason Launches Ops Engine, an unusually dynamic 3PL fulfillment center for direct-to-consumer and omni-channel brands

Los Angeles, [July 17, 2023] - Arsen Janikyan, the former Vice President of Operations at Buck Mason, a renowned American men's and women's apparel brand, has embarked on a new entrepreneurial journey with the launch of Ops Engine, an unusually dynamic third-party logistics fulfillment center specializing in direct-to-consumer (DTC) and omni-channel brands. With a proven track record in handling large SKU counts, complex operations, high transaction volumes, and seamless omni-channel execution, Arsen brings his expertise and passion for operations management and leadership to drive excellence in the industry.

Rooted in Los Angeles, Arsen drew from his wealth of experience and extensive responsibilities as the VP of Operations at Buck Mason, he recognized the need for a fulfillment center that genuinely caters to the specific demands of direct-to-consumer and omni-channel brands. This realization ignited his passion, and Ops Engine was born.

Unlike traditional 3PLs that may shy away from managing large SKU counts and complex workflows, Arsen's impressive background equips Ops Engine with the capability to support and excel in these crucial areas. His strategic approach and hands-on experience ensure that Ops Engine can deliver excellent services to brands seeking efficient and seamless fulfillment solutions with continuous improvement mindset for long-term and sustainable growth.

"It was March 15, 2020, the unfortunate and unknown days every business scrambling to mitigate the unexpected. At the brink of potentially stopping operations, I had a mitigation plan to fill up 53' trailers and park them in the middle of nowhere to continue fulfillment operations with mobile hotspots. There was no way I would stop fulfillment, risking our brand and impacting customer experience at a time where they needed us the most. Thankfully, we did not not have to execute that plan," shared Arsen when asked about his most unorthodox solution.

Regarding the future of Ops Engine, Arsen replied, "Launching out of Los Angeles, California, with an ambition to expand across the country servicing the mid-West and East Coast in the next 3-5 years, what I am looking forward the most is hiring and training a group of operators to add immense operational value to brands. I see how much brands gain by utilizing professionally run operations departments with true operational rigor, lean principles, data insights, and continuous improvements versus the traditional methods."

When asked about the most impactful part of the business, Arsen emphasized the importance of communication.

"It's the mother of most problems, if not all. It's also the bridge between strategy and implementation. Without proper communication, which encompasses nearly every aspect of a business relationship, we cannot be successful," said Arsen. "Our value-based relationship-building strategy enables brands to focus and invest time and resources into their product and marketing efforts for a mutually beneficial and prosperous business relationship," he added.

Ops Engine's commitment to operational excellence, technology-driven processes, and partnership-oriented approach sets it apart from conventional fulfillment centers. The company aims to empower brands to focus on their core business strategies while entrusting their logistics and fulfillment needs to a reliable and dedicated partner.

About Ops Engine:

Ops Engine is an unusually dynamic third-party logistics fulfillment center founded by Arsen Janikyan, the former Vice President of Operations at Buck Mason. The company supports direct-to-consumer and omni-channel brands focusing on operational efficiency, high SKU counts, and seamless execution. With a commitment to partnership and problem-solving, Ops Engine aims to be the preferred choice for brands seeking reliable and effective fulfillment solutions.

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